A Little Bit of Toronto in Europe

That nickname

My clients include local business people, leisure travellers, kids and moms on days out and film and TV stars. And it was when I was carrying around actors for the internationally famous Midsomer Murders TV series, that the nickname Canadian Bob was planted on me. There were two Bobs on the chauffeuring team so to avoid confusion I was given my nickname by the cast and crew. It seems to have stuck.

The Midsomer Murders programmes are primarily filmed in the Buckinghamshire/Oxfordshire villages and countryside, an area I am very familiar with. Tours of locations can be arranged.

The accent is unmistakeable, but for a minute it seems rather out of place. No, you’re not mistaken, that Toronto twang is still there, despite 35 years spent in England, far away from my home town.

And, if you’re thinking of heading to the UK for a holiday or on business, there’s no one a Canadian could better choose to show you around the country than me, Canadian Bob.

I've mastered driving on the “wrong” side of the road and worked out who goes first at the fiendishly complicated British roundabouts. I've mastered shortcuts around the snarl-ups of Europe’s most congested motorway, the M25 London ring road. And despite the infamously twisty and potholed British roads, my passengers frequently compliment me on how smooth I make their journey. You’ll even catch me calling a hood a bonnet and putting your luggage in the boot rather than the trunk.

Ironically, it was my Scottish roots and a desire to find out more about the “auld country” that first took me across the Atlantic – a trip that many thousands of US and Canadian citizens plan at some point in their lives for similar reasons. And this year with the British pound falling against the US and Canadian dollar, I'm expecting more transatlantic visitors than usual.

I am based near Tetsworth, a country village outside London and close to Oxford. It was pretty much by accident that I ended up living there as I used to manage a country estate nearby.

It’s an ideal spot for my clients. I’m less than an hour away from Heathrow Airport and you can be in central London or the Cotswolds in a little more than an hour. For those interested in leisure rather than business I’m close to Oxford, a short run to Shakespeare country and with direct access to the motorway network can get pretty easily to anywhere in the UK.

Tel: 07711 542555

Email info@canadianbob.co.uk